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Other than using our mobile phone for interaction functions, the reality is, most of us use our smartphone as a video camera. Simply visit any event, and you will be sure to see individuals taking our their mobile phones to record happenings and pictures.
Rather of keeping all these pictures as softcopies on one's mobile phone, with our Smartphone Instant Print service, your guests can now have these pictures printed out instantly. The photo will be automatically embedded on your event's customized design hard copy template, allowing you to increase your occasion's or brand's awareness.
Take a picture utilizing your smartphone
Send the photo to us via any of the following methods1
Visiting our mobile website
Photos will be processed2 and will then instantly appear on our printing portal. Proceed to our printing website to choose the picture that you wish to print.
Picked picture will be embedded on the event's customized design printout design template, and get printed out instantly
We will have a guideline board informing your visitors on the details on hello stranger photobooth to send their picture to us.
Due to the fact that images extracted from various smartphone have various measurements, we will need to standardise by resizing each picture to fit inside a square frame
Photo Booth Features
Fully Customised Printout Design
The printout design can be fully tailored to your preference. You can include your anything, branding or logo design you desire.
High Quality Printouts
All hard copies are printed utilizing our high quality color sublimation printer. One 4R image can be generated in about 8 seconds.
Unlimited Printouts
Print as many images as you like. No constraint at all.
Different Printout Sizes
Select from 5 different printout sizes. Double sided printout is readily available also.
Protective Plastic Sleeves
Each hard copy includes a fully fitting protective plastic sleeve.
Selection Printing photo booth singapore will need to concern our printing website to pick the photo he/she wishes to print
Online Gallery with Softcopies Provision
After the event, all the images taken will be hosted on our online gallery. You can download the softcopies or share it on social networks.
Ever since the first picture booth service went into Singapore years back, the Singapore photobooth industry has revolved and the photo booth rental business has actually been growing ever since. Till date, having an image booth at an occasion is a typical sight nowadays and it had sort of become an obligatory act to include an image booth at an event in Singapore.
Compared to our other instant print services, our photo booth rental service supplies the greatest entertainment value. With a nice photobooth background coupled with all our crazy image booth props, its the best way for your visitors to start the ball rolling, mingle, and have a good time. In fact, at most of the events we've been to, our photobooth is constantly the primary crowd puller.
Exactly what's so different about our image booth service you might ask. For a start, we developed our entire picture booth platform from the ground up. We are able to personalize our image booth system and architecture, so that the whole image booth experience is professional, special and fully customized to your occasion and its marketing requirements (through the use of our marketing tools). In extra, we have expert internal designers who can design customised image booth props, background as well as hard copy design accommodated your event.
Till date, we've offered our photobooth service for more than numerous events, ranging from birthday celebrations, wedding events to big business occasions.
Compared to our other instantaneous print services, our image booth rental service provides the highest home entertainment value. With a good photobooth backdrop coupled with all our goofy picture booth props, its the perfect method for your guests to break the ice, mingle, and have fun. What's so various about our picture booth service you may ask. We are able to personalize our picture booth system and architecture, so that the whole photo booth experience is professional, distinct and completely tailored to your event and its marketing demands (through the use of our marketing tools). In extra, we have professional in-house designers who can develop customised photo booth props, backdrop and also printout design catered to your event.


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